My family and I contacted Shawyer Family Law after doing a search for family Lawyers who specialized in stepparent adoptions.

Upon our first communications, we felt like Robert Shawyer would be the perfect lawyer to retain for our specific adoption process.

Both Robert Shawyer and the entire team at Shawyer Law were always available to answer any questions or concerns we had. When we felt our process was at a standstill, they updated us; and when we felt overwhelmed, Robert Shawyer encouraged and reassured us, and told us that no matter what, we would be successful.

Our case, was unique in the fact that the bio dad hadn’t been in Canada for over 4 years and we only had limited information for contact. While we cannot guarantee that all stepparent adoptions will be successfully granted as ours was, we feel very confident in recommending Robert Shawyer and Shawyer Family Law to anyone considering adoptions or any other family law case.

Our family is finally able to do things we could not do before, like travel, and all because of the expertise of Robert Shawyer and his team.

We will be eternally grateful!

—The Albefaro Family