Although methods of alternative dispute resolution have become increasingly popular for resolving legal problems, especially those relating to family law, the court system may still be a better option for your matter.

Robert is an expert in protecting clients’ rights through the courts. He has successfully argued cases in the Ontario Court of Justice, Superior Court of Justice and Court of Appeal. Whether the matter concerns separation/divorce, access, support, parental alienation, child protection, or adoption, Robert has a full understanding of the courts process and the ability to advocate your rights before a judge.

Benefits of litigation

  • The court system can offer more protection than mediation or collaborative family law when there is a power imbalance and you are the more vulnerable party;
  • When you or your children are in a situation that needs an urgent solution, like instances of  child protection or the dissipation of family  assets, intervention by the court may be necessary;
  • Mediation and collaborative family law are voluntary processes dependent on the honest and willing cooperation of both parties. If you suspect that the other party is acting in bad faith or that your interests and rights are not being protected, litigation may help, alongside or instead of the other alternative dispute resolution processes.

Is litigation right for you?

Litigation can be a valuable solution, but may also be a costly, time consuming and stressful one. Fortunately, many situations do not require court intervention.

If your separation is acrimonious but you have faith that you and the other party can be guided to resolve the conflict in the best interests of all parties’ involved, mediation may be a less intrusive and non-hostile option for you to resolve your family law issue. Or you can take a look at the other services offered at Shawyer Family Law and Mediation PC.