Legal Coaching

Legal Coaching

Legal coaching is designed to help you develop your skills if you decide to be a self-represented litigant in your family law matter. Legal coaching may be useful for you if you are handling your own matter in family court without a lawyer, or if you are mediating or negotiating a family matter, and you want to improve your understanding of the process and maximize your outcomes.

As a legal coach, Robert is able to provide you with information, assistance, practical tips and strategic advice that will be helpful in preparing you to present your case in a persuasive manner. Legal coaching will help you objectively assess your legal situation and develop your ability to achieve your objectives.

Benefits of obtaining a legal coach

  • Legal coaching can give you increased self-awareness, better goal-setting, enhanced communication skills and increased confidence;
  • Legal coaching can assist you in identifying and selecting the best options available to you within your proceeding;
  • Legal coaching helps you navigate the legal system in Ontario;

Is legal coaching right for you?

Though legal self-representation may be a less expensive option to retaining a family law lawyer, there are hidden disadvantages and risks accompanied with this decision. The issues involved in most family law disputes are often complex, challenging, emotional and wide-reaching, which typically require the knowledge of experienced legal counsel. This being said, if you choose to represent yourself in your family law litigation, engaging a legal coach as a self-represented litigant can be an affordable and effective way to strengthen your position and navigate the court process.  A legal coach can help you handle your own matter in court in many ways. It’s for any self-represented litigant who may want advice about the law, the legal process, and how a judge might see your position.

If your family matter deals with issues which require you to obtain independent legal advice, such as providing consent to an adoption, or you ultimately decide that legal self-representation is no longer manageable or providing you the opportunity to adequately present your case, you can take a look at the other services offered at Shawyer Family Law and Mediation PC.