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[stag_intro]If you are contemplating hiring a family law lawyer, it is likely that you are going through a very emotionally volatile period in your life. As a result you may be experiencing uncertainty and anxiety. Often these feelings arise from a lack of knowledge and understanding of what lies ahead.[/stag_intro]

At Shawyer Family Law & Mediation we have created this website to provide you with information about family law litigation and the alternatives to litigation. We represent people dealing with everything from separation and divorce, which includes the custody and access, division of net family property, and the valuation of businesses and pensions, to clients dealing with children’s aid societies.

Our goal as a firm is to provide our clients with the best legal services possible. To us that means finding out our individual clients’ needs, tailoring a strategy to suit those needs, and striving to resolve the clients’ issues in a cost-effective, efficient and timely manner.

To that end, we offer a full range of family law services from the initial drafting of correspondence to representing clients before all levels of court—from the Provincial Courts of Justice through Courts of Appeal.

On our website you will find articles, useful information and links that will give you an overview of the family law system. You will also find useful information on how to choose which family law lawyer is right for you. We offer these services:


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